CFD’s – Powerful Share Trading Methods

Expert Traders now using Contracts for Difference


We have all heard of share trading where a person acquires a stack in a listed company and on occasions you will receive dividends. There are other ways of trading the markets that may not be as well known. One option that experienced trading experts are using is a trading method called Contracts for Difference.

Contracts of Difference (or CFD’s) can be an incredibly powerful trading tool, but they do come with risks. Consistently trying to make money while trading CFD’s can be very difficult if not experienced in trading the markets. CFD’s are very different to standard share trading, options trading or warrants, which is why it is critical that you gain a thorough understanding of how CFD’s work.

CFD’s operate on a high financial leveraged of 10:1, so the potential to make substantial returns is possible. No matter what trading method you chose, maintaining your capital should always be your chief concern. If you don’t fully understand what you are doing and make educated decisions the risk of losing capital quite quickly is very high.

For this reason, it is critically important that you understand how CFD trading works, the pitfalls and the associated risks. One of the based ways to manage any trading method is via a written trading plan. This comprehensive document is your support in all stages of the market and should also include your money management rules. Establishing this critical document requires expert knowledge and experience of which can only be acquired from a specifically designed course developed by experienced traders. Undertaking a course shows that you are a serious trader wants to protect their capital while also understanding how to profit from the stock market.

Such an industry expert is Justine Pollard who has more than 20 years experience trading the markets in some of the toughest times, including through the Global Financial Crisis. Justine offers a variety of trading methods based on swing trading and her online trading courses also specialise in CFD trading. Designed to provide you with a quality education in share trading, Justine’s courses provide you with everything that you need to know to confidently understand and trade  the markets, including competently able to trade CFD’s.

If you are keen to get your teeth into share trading, Justine will teach you how in both bull and bear markets.What’s more, Justine will teach you solid risk and money management strategies that will ensure your longevity in the stock market.

Accept the money

The right mind attracts money


They say positive attracts positive, but how true is this when it comes to attracting money to yourself. Well, it’s the basis that thousands of people all over the world are using today, with stunning results. In order to attract money without effort, you must harness the power of training your mind to attract money.

You need to develop the mindset of living in abundance, training your mind to believe that you have what you need already and being grateful for what you have. By creating a positive picture in your mind of how you want you life to be you will attract money and positive things into your life.

Many are calling this new era of thinking the “law of attraction“, where you can train your mind to be able to attract anything that you desire by simply believing that anything is possible. This mindset is used to attract anything from wealth, happiness or even a carpark at the busy shops, and people that truly believe in it are singing it’s praises.

So let’s explore the types of thinking that when repeated often enough, we can train our minds to believe that we can attract money and wealth:

  1. If money is truly what you want, then you must act and behave as if you already have it and as much as you wish to have. Ask yourself questions such as what would I do with an abundance of money, trips that I would take, things that I would buy etc. With this mindset, you are truly rich as money has no boundaries for you, no limitations as this it’s the law of the universe.
  2. Being thankful and showing gratitude for what you currently have is a very powerful mindset. This thought process surrounds you with positive thoughts of plenty and illuminates any scarcity mentality. The next time that money enters your world, be grateful no matter how small it maybe and give thanks to the universe, instead of barely noticing it. The more grateful you are for any money coming into your life the more money that you will attract.
  3. Whatever you do, DO NOT obstruct money from entering your life. Don’t feel guilty if you find a five dollar note on the street, instead keep it and thank the universe for providing it to you. Be open and receptive that you deserve to receive it and that it’s now rightfully yours. It might be easy for you to accept five dollars, but train your mind will register that if five dollars can find its way into your life, then why can’t a million dollars.
  4. Earning money and welcoming it into your life shouldn’t be seen as hard to achieve. Many people have the mindset that you have to work hard to earn money are actually putting a block in their mindset, as your thinking will be that money is at a distance away from you. Instead train your mind to think that earning money is actually easy, it does require some effort, but money is something that is readily available and you simply need to ask for it and take the opportunities that are presented to you.
  5. Taking action is the primary thing that you must do to attract anything that you desire. It’s simply not good enough to sit back and wait for the money to find you. You need to put yourself out there and into a position of opportunity. So when an opportunity presents itself, take it, even if you don’t know where it will take you or how to actually do the action. Believe that you will work out a way that will benefit you, as failure to seize the moment will keep everything that you desire at a distance.

Now let’s make it all happen, it’s time to change your mindset to endless possibilities and a life of abundance. So keep the tips above in mind and try thinking this way. Try thinking that when you go the busy shops next time that a carpark will open up for you, start to really believe it in your mind, no matter how crazy it may appear at first. Once you master this type of thinking, then you will see and experience what a mindset of positive thinking and attraction can bring, then welcome it and embrace it, as you deserve it.

Residual income – A business on autopilot

A business built on residual income


Every day there is another person that comes home from a bad day at work and doesn’t want to go back again tomorrow. They start dreaming of what it would be like to be your own boss and have a successful home based business. Lets be honest, with great benefits like dropping the kids off and school, working in a job that you are passionate about without having to answer to someone else, then picking the kids up from school all sounds like a great day.

Alas, there are not too many of us that can just throw in their paid job and start a home based business tomorrow. How how do we transition from the weekly paycheck to a home based business. The answer is residual income. With the constant transformation of the internet, a dream of transitioning to being your own boss might not be that difficult.

So what is residual income in business terms? Essentially, it’s creating an activity that continues to deliver income on autopilot. The internet is providing one of the most lucrative home based business under the banner of internet advertising. Basically, other businesses develop training, personal development programs or software and offer them up for promotion on the internet. Many individuals and home-based businesses are taking up this opportunity and using their marketing skills to promote these courses or software online for a share of the purchase fee. What makes this business idea residual income is that you set up the marketing material (such as a promotional video on YouTube) and people find and watch this video, hopefully purchasing the product, thus providing you with an income source. Once you develop this video, list and promote it online, then that’s all you need to do. The video remains live and continues to promote these products on autopilot.

There are several ways that you can be paid for your efforts, including:

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition
Where a visitor that you have referred purchases goods and services from a Merchant
CPL – Cost Per Lead
A referred visitor completes a form or requests a quote on a website of Merchant.
PPC – Pay Per Click

Commission is achieved when a visitor clicks on a merchant’s advertising banner or website.

It is easy to see why this type of business appeals to people wanting to transition into a home based business. The main benefit of this kind of business model is that you can set it up while you are still working in your 9 to 5 job. It has the possibility of generating capital for other business ventures or could create an income while you are forming your own products to promote and sell either online or face-to-face. The key to starting any business is to ensure that you do your due diligence and thoroughly do your research to avoid any scams or misleading information.

Many people have made significant amounts of money using this business model, so with research time and learning, you could be one of those people. If you believe this is your calling, then we wish you the best of luck and I hope that you make money while you sleep.

Great writing for good business

Writing great content is all to do with your mindset


Many of us struggle to put together great content that sells our products, but why? Many are puzzled or intimidated by the whole process and don’t want their product to be forced down the throat of their potential customers and are afraid of the content being over the top or too sales orientated.

So how do we overcome this mindset and write content the people will be interested in reading, yet still getting our product messaging to the audience?

Writing content shouldn’t be an act of merely just throwing thoughts down on paper, one sentence after another. You need to plan thoroughly ensuring that the content is engaging, captures your readers interest and provides a reason to continue reading. It is critically important to grab the attention of the reader within the first paragraph and spark their curiosity, otherwise the reader will quickly move onto another article.

To write good articles or sales copy contain you need to unlock your creativity. For some of us, creativity may come naturally while others struggle to get anything of paper. Great writing can take a while to produce and should involve planning to layout the story that you want to tell your audience. Being able to create a positive image in the minds of your audience can be an art form, but with a few tips and practice, you can succeed.

Here are some thoughts on how to ensure that your content hits the spot and to get your creative juices flowing:

1) You never know when a good idea or creative wording will enter your thoughts, so to seize the opportunity its advisable to keep a notebook handy, or enter your immediate thoughts in a notes application on your Smart Phone (free apps are available via iTunes). Makes notes of wording, phrases, things that you have seen or read. It is important to remember that creativity can come in may forms and from anywhere.

2) Relax and take your time to write. With societies time pressures, it can be increasingly different to not be in a rush. However to produce quality content, you need a clear head, a quiet space to sit and time to plan what you are creating. A jumbled or cluttered mind cannot create new ideas or develop focused and engaging writing. If you are not in the right mindset to write, then give yourself permission to stop and try again later. If you are finding focusing hard, then it can be beneficial some meditation or breathing exercises to quiet the mind and direct your thoughts to the task at hand.

3) The location where you write is also a key factor to your creativity and producing quality content. A busy workplace or cafe is often not the type of environment that enables focus. Instead find a location where you can think openly, with plenty of fresh air and enough open space to let your creative juices flow. You may also want to surround yourself with positive pictures, plants or scents that inspire and relax you. Creativity is born from being in a positive state of mind and will give you the best opportunity to focus on planning out your wording and getting your message buzzing.

4) The world wasn’t built in a day, so don’t apply so much pressure to your writing that you want to throw in the towel before you witness your writing potential. Everyone has the ability to write great content and tell their story. The key to writing about what you are passionate about is simply down to planning. Plan out the topic of the article, begin to add the body of the article by using some dot points, then expand on these dot points making them paragraphs. Before long you will have the main body of your content and now it’s simply a case of adding your sales copy into your story. Finally, you will want to read and revise the wording to ensure that it has the messaging that you desire. It’s also a great idea to your another person to look over your content to ensure that there are no errors and the content is easy to understand while delivering the intent that you wanted.

If you follow these simple steps, research your content and take your time to write in a relax and no pressure environment, you will be amazed what great content that you are able to produce. Once you have mastered the art of writing, then you may want to open up your own blog website and write from the heart showing your passion in a niche.

The main thing with writing content is to actually start. The key thing is to ensure that your grammar is correct, the content is inviting and you explain your story in the best way that you can so it captivates the reader.

Good luck in your endeavors.

Types of Share Trading

Trading Strategies – Which one suits you?

These days more and more people wanting to have more of a stake in their own financial future and despite the Global Financial Crisis, allot of people are still investing in the stock market. So how do you begin your journey to controlling your financial direction? Well, in  simple terms, trading is the activity of procuring and selling securities based on prices listed in a market. While some people who aren’t educated in trading believe that share prices merely rise and fall based on an opinion of value or perception that one stock may be better without any supporting evidence. For those of us in the know, we understand that trading is a mental challenge and that an active short-term trading strategy is different from a long-term, and different again from a buy-and-hold method.

First, let’s explain the different trading methods:

  • The buy-and-hold strategy uses a thinking that suggests that long-term price movements will outweigh short-term movements, therefore the strategy ignores short-term movements.
  • Short term traders believe that small movements and focusing on trends is where profits are found.
  • Traders that favor longer term strategies still watch the trends but focus more on maximising profits when the gain has reached a determined or preset limit.

So how do we determine which trading method suits the strategy that we wish to adopt? Here are the options:

It’s important to know that each trading strategy or method has inherent financial risks and may have other challenges that need to be overcome to be successful. Let’s discuss the 4 most common types of share trading:

1. Day Trading
The most common trading style by far is Day trading. As the name applies share are bought and sold each the same day, meaning that no positions are held overnight. Traditionally, this style requires allot of experience in the industry and requires extreme and constant focus on market changes. This high-risk strategy can bring high profits, but failure to close out positions at the right time and you could very quickly lose your capital.

2. Position Trading (also known as buy-and-hold)
This strategy is also performed by and advanced or experienced and educated trader. A Position Trader analyses longer term charts which can be anywhere from a day to several months, even sometimes years. Looking at the trends in the market is also another good tool that is used to determine the direction a market may be heading in. Trends have no definitive run time, but the art is knowing when sport the bottom of the wave or trend and ride it until the peak where a sale might be the best option.

3. Swing Trading
As a trend dissipates, this opens the window for swing traders. Usually there is some price volatility when the trend begins to end, which is often a sign of a new trend trying to establish itself and this is where they buy or sell as that stock looks for a direction. Swing traders based their in or out decisions based on a predetermined set or rules, plans or algorithms, which normally use technical or fundamental analysis. The rules which swing traders use are often a closely guarded secret and is a methodology which has usually been refined over years if not decades. Such rules are only effective if the market moves in one direction or another, as channel or sideways markets are a risk for swing traders.

4. Scalping
Scalping is exploiting various price variations from bid/ask stock spreads and order flows. This strategy uses a spread buying pattern to purchase a share at the bidding price and then sells the same stock at the asking price. Scalpers try to maintain their positions for a short time, therefore decreasing the risk of loss. Traditionally, scalpers don’t exploit large moves in stock prices; rather, they maximise any advantage of small variances that happen frequently and trade more often. In this strategy profit levels are small, therefore liquid markets are more attractive due to the frequency of their trades. Scalpers also enjoy operating in markets that don’t have many sudden movements, so they can potentially take advantage of a repeated spread on asking stock prices.

So there you have it, a basic snapshot of the variety of trading methodology that exists today. Trading strategies have evolved over the decades and continue to do so as technology and software analysis platforms become more and more advanced. No matter which trading method you choose it’s vitally important that you conduct a thorough analysis of all stocks before purchasing them and create robust money management rules. There is allot more to learn about these strategies, so be mindful that you should do your own due diligence and research to find the best trading method for your personality and goals. Good luck and stay the course and back yourself using the skills and knowledge that you acquire over time.

Problem Solving Tips in 2015

The power of problem-solving


Life throws us some interesting challenges to deal with, whether it be in business, personal or relationships, but the real test is how we deal with these situations. Problem-solving is more than just making a decision, it’s an in-depth thought process which or minds use to often choose a direction for us to move towards using our personal preferences and experiences.

Sometimes these decisions are very minor, such as a group of friends that can’t agree on which movie to watch, while other situations require more thought and often some negotiation. Problem-solving is considered as a constructive thought process with a focus on how flexible and effective we can deal with a problem situation. For many people problem solving is a relative short process where the positives and negatives are evaluated for their merits and a direction is efficiently made. However, not everyone is the same and as such some people find it tougher to reach a decision and more importantly may feel anxious that the decision had to be made in the first place. This ends up resulting in a lack of cohesive effort, missed goals, reduced productivity and ultimately revisiting the decision over and over again.

So how should we go about problem-solving? Firstly we must take our time to identify and understand what the problem is and start thinking of the options available and possible ways the problem can be dealt with. We then choose which options seem to be the best fit and examine the pros and cons for each solution. The next step is to develop a plan or strategy to effectively deal with the situation and create steps that will roll out the solution. Once in place we need to give the solution the time that it needs to be implemented. It is a good idea to take a step back to evaluate how well the solution is working and if it’s adequately addressing the problem and we may choose to change elements of it over time.

The last key element in problem solving is where it involves many people, such as a team. It is critical for the morale and continuity of the team that everyone has a voice and is encouraged to participate in finding the solution. Failure to do this effectively often results in lack team cohesion leading to a divide in reaching goals and poor productivity toward the solution. Similarly, if team members aren’t heard then we can’t be sure that the best solution has actually been reached.

For more information on problem solving, we suggest that you take a look at Youtube.

Business Mindset in 2015

Do you have the winning business mindset?


We often here about how hard it is for start-up businesses to get off the ground and turn a profit. Research has shown that only one in five small businesses survive past 5 years and even less are still running after 10 years. So why do some businesses succeed while others fail? For the answers, we must look at numerous factors such as the demand, business planning, niche profitability and individual experience. While all of this is very important, a critical element for all successful business owners is their mindset. Without a resilient and focused mindset, it is difficult to outcomes and ups and down that markets can deliver.

A mindset that is clear and free of negative thoughts enable both staff and owners to draw upon their previous successes and build on them to drive company direction and actively seek out opportunities. It has been proven that positive thoughts increase morale within teams resulting in others feeding off this good vibe which generally leads to healthy business outcomes.

However, negative thoughts can infect a business like cancer and it can quickly spreading to other team members resulting in a lack of motivation and drive. We all know or have experienced negative people and basically if we had a choice, then these individuals would be given a wide birth.

So how can we ensure that our minds are sharp, able to battle on through the bad times that business can often bring and be able to absorb the pitfalls that we are likely to encounter? Many individuals find comfort and inspiration in reading motivational stories while others use exercise to keep their minds clear. The evidence is now showing that meditation is bringing excellent mind clarity with the added benefit of reducing stress and tiredness. Meditation experts claim that 20 minutes of meditation can be equivalent to 1 hours sleep.

Meditation has been proven to deliver great individual health benefits, including reduction of stress, mental health, overall well-being and recent even weight loss. All business owners and staff would benefit from this, so perhaps its time to give it a go and experience it for yourself. A wealth of meditation resources is available online, including website content, courses and techniques on YouTube.

We suggest that you give meditation a go and experience the health benefits for yourself, you business and we think that your team and family will thank you for it as they will be happier to have you around.

What is CFD Trading?

Inside information on Contracts for Difference (CFD) Trading?


Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading is quickly gaining popularity because it offer numerous benefits that the share trading market does not. These benefits include guaranteed stop losses, ability to arrange short sell, leveraging capital and access to worldwide trading markets and instruments, such as share CFD trading, index CFDs, commodities and FX exchange.

A CFD is a contract between the CFD trader and the CFD provider that you choose to use when making a purchase. You select the shares with the “ASX”, but instead use a simulated trading environment. For example, if you bought 5,000 Rio Tinto in a CFD trading environment, you enter into a contract with the CFD trading provider for this trade. If you bought the stock as a shareholder on the ASX you would actually have bought and own a stake in Rio Tinto. In short, a CFD trade has the benefits of trading shares as it mirrors the performance of a share or particular market index, without the need to actually own a stock outright.

It is important to be aware that when CFD trading are using highly leveraged instruments that have a high degree of risk to your capital, therefore it is quite possible to lose more than your initial investment. There is it critically important to ensure that you are tracking your trades via a comprehensive spreadsheet. This enables you to monitor your success over time and track any trading matrix that you wish to evaluate, including results required for taxation purposes.

CFD trading can be extremely beneficial for traders when done right. Therefore it is very important to ensure that you have been training by a professional and use cutting edge techniques, only then will you have the best chance of success. Remember, education is key, so gain as much knowledge as you can, find an experienced mentor and continue to research cutting-edge trading systems. Only then will you be the best you can be and seek independent advice if necessary.

Share Trading Courses

Share Trading – Stop doing your boring 9 to 5 job


Ever get the feeling that no matter how hard you try or how hard you work, the pay is always the same and the personal rewards just aren’t there or worst still, you might even get the Monday morning blues, every Monday. There has to be another way right? There is!! Lots of people all over the world have dreamed of starting up their own online home based businesses in 1000’s of different niches. The hardest thing is finding what would be the right fit for you with as little investment as possible. So what if there was a way where you could learn from an industry expert in the comfort of your home at your own pace.

The answer is learning from a proven expert in trading shares and CFD trading. Many professional traders have established online training platforms that teach their exact share trading strategies. In some cases, these techniques claim to be able to successfully make money, no matter whether the market is rising or falling. Most share trading courses use a methodology that follows market trends and use strict money management rules enabling her to take advantage of trending shares. A great online training course should include a balance of video tutorials and online documents designed to let you learn at your own pace based around your busy lifestyle and work commitments.

There is a wealth of courses available to you, both comprehensive such as Diploma Levels to simpler quick tips like those listed on YouTube. One such reference is a YouTube channel CFD Trading & Share Trading Courses By Justine Pollard that has a wealth of resources available to assist you.

If you are serious about getting out of the rat race and have been yearning to create true and lasting wealth for yourself and your family, then learning CFD trading or getting your teeth into a share trading course could be the very key to your achieving your lifelong goals. We wish you the best of luck in your share trading ventures.